A massive hiring event is coming up later this month for anyone interested in working for the United States Postal Service in Maine.

Why Work for the Post Office?

Have you ever thought of being a postal worker? Maybe spending your days going from mailbox to mailbox, delivering bills and catalogs? I know there are many other positions within the postal service, but I always thought it would be a good way to make a living. Your office is your mail truck and you're out in the open air all day.

The USPS is dealing with employee shortages, just like most businesses these days, so they're looking to recruit more people interested in becoming members of their ranks. It's a good job that offers competitive wages, benefits, leave, federal retirement, and career advancement opportunities. Honestly, how many current jobs, outside the military, offer a pension plan?

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Where Are the Hiring Event Locations?

There are numerous immediate vacancies, statewide, and so the Postal Service is hosting its massive hiring event at select locations, on Saturday, October 21st. Those locations include:

  • Belfast
  • Blue Hill
  • Oakland
  • Camden
  • Freeport
  • Biddeford
  • Augusta
  • Portland

Open positions and their starting hourly pay are as follows:

Assistant Rural Carrier       $19.94

City Carrier Assistant          $19.33

PTF City Carrier                  $22.13

PTF Rural Carrier                $24.84

PTF Clerk                            $26.31

Mail Handler Assistant        $18.22

Postal Support Clerk           $20.05

Rural Carrier Associate       $19.94

Stephen Doherty with the United States Postal Service says 'PTF' stands for Part-time flexible and adds that the emphasis is on 'flexible.' Working a 40-hour week is still an option, with these positions.

Will There Be People There to Help With the Process?

There will be career counselors available at the post offices in the above communities to help walk applicants through the process. The post office currently has openings for carriers, mail handlers, automotive technicians, and clerks throughout the state.

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