Who amongst us that doesn’t have the greenest of thumbs would argue with this? Any help we can get is welcome, right?

A professional outdoorsman shares this helpful tip.

To keep insects, fleas, and ticks out of your garden, here is what to plant.

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Ever hear of pineappleweed?

Get it, and plant it.

A group called Earthen Rangers, a group dedicated to sharing outdoor and earth skills in an effort to assist in environmental causes, says plant pineappleweed and it will keep mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas away.

The story is here from The Cool Down.

It is starting to look a lot better if it’ll do that, and maybe we can stop calling it a weed too.

Bonus.  You can use it to brew tea as well. So plant lots of it. Pineappleweed is in the Chamomile family.

And they say it is easy to grow. So easy, it’ll grow between the cracks in the sidewalk.

Pineappleweed, is actually Matricaria discoidea.

The Cool Down
The Cool Down


It gives off a strong, but reportedly good, smell. And strong smelling plants can keep mosquitoes and fleas and ticks away.

How about a cup of tea in the garden, and no bugs around to bother that idyllic scene?

Anyone that can attest to how it works in their garden in Maine, please reach out. And if anyone has brewed tea using it, let us know that too.

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