State Police apprehended a surly swine as he caused a disruption on the interstate this week.

The pig had been on the lam for several days, with multiple reports of his hi jinks. But, on Wednesday, when State Police learned of an unruly subject on the interstate, the jig was up. Troopers responded to the area near Mile Marker 155 Northbound in Newport and found the porcine suspect.

Corporal Rick Moody and Trooper Jeremy Caron had a tough time taking the pig into custody. He was as uncooperative as the participants in a pig scramble. But the Troopers were able to get a rope around his neck and load him into a trailer, with the help of the local Animal Control Officer.

There's no word on the animal's fate, but we assume he was taken to the pen. Pig pen, that is.

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