A topic from yesterday’s Q106.5 Morning Show came up in conversation later in the day. The person I had the conversation with will be revealed at a later date, we are working on something not ready for release just yet. How’s that for a radio morning show set up/tease?

The topic was with the restrictions lifted a week or so ago when it comes to Covid 19 protocol, where do you think society is at with regards to the future of the simple handshake. We discussed that ‘sticking your hand out’ to someone was as natural as walking and talking. The jury is still out, obviously, about where we will be down the road, but for now lots have not returned to the handshake greeting.

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On the air yesterday we also talked about an article that ran in the Wall Street Journal and the article brought to light a company that has made a business of making bracelets.  3 colors of bracelets. Green, Yellow and Red are the colors.  Just like a traffic light.  And the company is selling them to event planners.  For example if you were to hold a wedding anytime soon, you would have the different colors available when guests arrived and they’d pick the color to wear on their wrist for the day or evening based on their personal desire for physical interaction.  Green for I’m wide open for handshakes, high-fives and hugs.  Yellow: I’m still cautious so don’t be offended if I don’t shake or hug, but an elbow bump is okay. And Red for stay 6 feet away.  Cindy and I agreed that we’d each like a reversible wrist bracelet. One side green. One side Yellow. And we’d flip it back and forth depending on the situation.

So if you had to answer today, are you green, yellow or red?  Remember these are not relatives or close friends.  These are people you might meet at a wedding, or a work conference.

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