Isn’t it curious how certain phrases start out informative and or totally appropriate, but then how quickly they can become ‘chalk on a black board’

Since the pandemic began 11 months ago, lots of words were tossed around by government officials, the media and others that had meaning and were used in daily conversation. In every aspect of our lives we heard those words used by almost everyone. Now, not so much. They’ve become words that are “chalk on a black board.”

Here’s an example. The word pandemic was named the word of the year by Merriam-Webster dictionary.

But wait there’s more. This is America.  We aren’t done yet. We don’t stop at a simple word of the year. We need comprehensive lists. We need to rank the most detested words and phrases from the past almost year. We need to be Kix Brooks and Lon Helton and count them down.

We’re all in this together, so let’s get to the list from PRPioneer.

In Maine the most detested pandemic related utterance is “Flattening the curve.”

Back to our countdown or in this case count up in a moment. But first, It didn’t make the Top 5 but the first time you heard “herd immunity” did you think of a wildlife documentary on PBS?

Number 2 is “Outbreak” A word we used to hear in scary movies. Number 3 “Second Wave” We in that now, right?  Number 4 “Unprecedented” That word is still in every in-depth news article about this unprecedented time. And number 5, “Bubble.” As in ‘It’s no fun being locked up in the bubble”

Now with more people vaccinated in the country than had or have the virus, can we look forward with more confidence to the day this becomes “pages in a future history book”

Now back to “Blursday” during your “Coronacation”

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