Snow's Corner Store in Orrington is known as the store that never closes, but a kitchen fire today has shut it down temporarily.

I spent six years working the register at the Orrington On The Run, and we had a reputation in town as the store that's always open. A large generator keeps the store open during lengthy power outages, and the yard gets plowed early in the winter, so the plow drivers can count on their coffee. The store is actually closed in the middle of the night, but every day by 5 a.m., it's open with hot coffee and fresh food.

But today, a kitchen fire shut the store down, and it will remain closed for at least 24 hours. The Orrington Fire Department says it started when an oven was turned on that had pizza boxes sitting on top. One employee was treated for minor smoke inhalation, but no one else was hurt. Snow's is moments away from the Fire Department, so crews were on scene very quickly.

The parking lot that's always full of cars as people head home from work is nearly deserted this afternoon, save for a few work vehicles. The front doors are wide open as the store airs out. Good luck to the crew at Foster's On The Run. We're glad no one was seriously hurt!

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