Before you leave the bar/party/gathering and get in your car, I hope you’ll take the time to think about a few things.  

First, think about the mother/father/daughter/son who’s driving home from work. They didn’t get to go out and party, like you did. While they may have been at a bar, they were the one washing your glasses, or serving up drinks to people like you. All they want to do is get home, put their feet up, and watch a little TV before falling into bed. What they don’t want is to meet you, while you’re driving on the wrong side of the road.  

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Next, think about the people who love them. Their lives would change forever, with a void left by you. In one awful moment, they’ll lose someone who means the world to them. They’ll have to deal with the knowledge that a drunk driver took away their friend or family member. They’ll hate you and want you to pay for what you’ve done.  

And that brings us to you. If you get behind the wheel, you’re risking killing someone else...and maybe yourself. If you survive the crash, you’ll likely be charged with vehicular manslaughter. We’re talking, at the very least, the loss of your job and a hefty fine. At the most, prison time. And, of course, the emotional aftermath of knowing you took a life. And all because you decided you were 'okay to drive.' 

So, before you get behind the wheel, don’t. Call a cab. Call a friend. Or, if you’re at a party, ask if you can sleep it off on the couch. Better to show up at work in the same clothes as the day before than to miss work because you’re being booked at the jail. Or worse yet, forcing someone to pick out the outfit you’ll be buried in. 

Make it a happy start to the New Year. Don’t drink and drive. 

A concerned Mainer 

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