Gus is a barber in Old Town. Lance was getting a haircut. And of course, they were talking. Talking about cars.

And that turned into talking about putting on a car show.

What would it take?

Lance runs Old Town Airport. Gus is Gus’s Barber Shop. The first thing they did was recruit Mark from Ogden Mechanical, Michael from 207 S#!t Boxes/Family Ties Racing, and Doc From MVP.

That was last year, and here we go again.

The 2023 Wings & Wheels Car Show & Fly-In is set for this Sunday the 11th. DeWitt Field in Old Town.

Yes, there will be cars. Hundreds and hundreds of cars. Registration is the morning of the event, beginning at 8 a.m., and is $10 per car.

Courtesy Gus Nevells
Courtesy Gus Nevells

Classifications include Decades of cars. Pre 1950, 1950s, 1060s, 1070s, 1980s and up. Plus Hot Rod, Muscle cars, trucks, jeeps, foreign and motorcycles.

Courtesy Doc Goodwin
Courtesy Doc Goodwin

Trophies will be given out beginning at 3 p.m.

Food vendors there through the day, and Live music from Johnny Sansone and Eric Johnson. The concert has an admission fee, and you are encouraged to bring your own chairs.

Those guys thought of everything. That must have been a long hair cut.

All proceeds will go to Maine Veteran’s Project. And Doc is grateful for the financial donations. And to SUDS. Servicemembers Undertakingn Disabled Sports. And to Toys for Tots.

It’s an invitation to get all vets out of the house for some social interaction with others, and the financial donation is important. But the outlet for the vets to meet and get to know other vets may be more important as an event than the $


Visit DeWitt Field’s facebook page at Dewitt-Field-Municipal-Airport-Old-Town for more information or to ask questions.

This will be an incredible event. Thanks to the guys with the vision.

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