In Maine, it doesn’t get much more festive than putting on your Bean Boots, grabbing some hot cocoa from the nearest Dunkin’, and taking a pleasant walk in the snow while admiring Christmas lights.

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Now in its 4th year since its opening earlier in December, the Stillwater River Trail of Lights in Orono promised a festive haven for folks who love holiday lights.

Jordan Verge / Townsquare Media
Jordan Verge / Townsquare Media

The walk had a festive stroll with overhead lights, illuminated tunnels, decorated trees, animated nutcrackers with watchful eyes, and numerous photo opportunities for those immersed in the holiday spirit—because, let's face it, if you're on this walk, you're definitely feeling festive!

Among the trail's highlights, one standout sight was the clever repurposing of a 12-foot giant skeleton, now donned in a Santa hat and overseeing a color-changing Christmas tree—a clear testament to extending its use beyond the spooky season.

Jordan Verge / Townsquare Media
Jordan Verge / Townsquare Media

Furthermore, the Stillwater River Trail organizers proudly declared that it was entirely free! While there was no admission fee, for those inclined to support and ensure the trail's continuation for years to come, a Venmo account is ready to receive contributions.

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