A North Carolina man is going to prison for his violent abuse of a 6-month-old baby that was left in his care.

Cyree Hansley, 24, pleaded guilty in a Bangor courtroom and was sentenced on Tuesday to nine years in prison, with all but four years suspended. He's also ordered to serve five-and-a-half years probation for his assault on the infant in February of 2019 which left the child partially blinded and with brain injuries.

Police say Hansley had just moved in with the boy's mother but is not the boy's father. When his girlfriend had to go out, she would leave the boy with Hansley, who apparently abused the child so severely that he suffered a stroke and a life-threatening skull fracture. When Hansley was first questioned about the child's injuries, he told police the boy fell when his bathtub chair tipped backward but later changed his story.

According to WGME-TV, Hansley apologized for his actions in court and said he 'failed as a step-in father.' He said he prays for the boy every day and hopes the boy's mother can forgive him.

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Anyone with information about any of these crimes is encouraged to contact the Maine State Police.

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