About a month ago, my wife and I sold our old house and bought a new one at whirlwind speeds. We put our house on the market couple of days before Thanksgiving, and sold it a few days before Christmas, and then bought and moved into our new one just after New Years.

Part of the deal when we bought it, was that we knew it would require some renovations to make it truly feel like our home. In reality, it's going along just as planned, despite a few "spiritual" setbacks. What that means, is that every time I thought I was about to finish a piece of demolition, it opened up an entirely new piece. In other words, under the old tile, there was a festival of linoleum that had to be reckoned with.

Home Project 2019

Three weeks of being on my hands and knees whenever I wasn't at work finally came to an end, just this past Wednesday. Endless amounts of chiseling, hammer-drilling, and rubble removal. And my wife was a champ through the whole thing. Never complained once. Probably because I did enough for both of us.

But, for those of you out there, going through the exact same thing. Godspeed, and I hope you have all the patience you need to see you through to the end. Plus a good amount of caffeine for the mornings, and cold beer for the evenings. Good luck!

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