I've been going bananas for weeks. What started almost as an experiment back in November, led to selling our old house waaaayyy faster than my wife and I anticipated. Seriously, we put it up for sale on a Friday, and had a full-priced offer on the table 40 hours later. And since then, it's been one crazy whirlwind after another.

But as we were out to brunch with friends over the weekend, the whole story got crazy. Some of you may know, I've been a drummer for my whole life, beginning when I was just a wee lad in first grade. At the time, I didn't own any equipment of any kind. but I went to this birthday party for a kid in my class, and he had this toy drum set that I pretty much started flipping out about.

So much so, that when I got home, I was bawling my eyes out, and begged my mom for a toy drum set like the one the kid had at the party. Instead, she offered to get me drum lessons. It wasn't the answer I wanted at the time, but went with it anyway. Fast forward all these years later, and I've toured country a bunch of times, had a record deal, sold some records, etc.

But the whole thing started in that basement. Unknowingly until yesterday, our new house, is that house!!! So now I've come full-circle, and get to set up my gear in the same exact spot that toy drum set sat, and relive that moment of trying my best to percussivley destroy that toy drum set of my friend's.

I sent a message to the person who had the birthday party, since we're still friends on Facebook, and told him the whole story. We had a good chuckle. And at some point, he's going to send me a group pic from that birthday party. I can't wait to see it.

Anyway, nothing crazy for some people, and this is all a story that really only matters to me, but I got a kick out of it and thought you might too. So, carry on....

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