By now, you have probably heard about the Town of Bucksport and the person who passed illegal one-dollar bills.  No, that person doesn’t have a printing press in the cellar to counterfeit one-dollar bills instead of the more popular denomination of counterfeit bills, $100s, $50, or $20s.

A significant number of one-dollar bills printed for use in the movie industry were used in Bucksport. The top of the bill, where it says Federal Reserve on the real $1 bill, instead says Motion Picture Use.

The Bucksport Police are investigating and have questions.

Bucksport Police say check your bills and if you have one, report it to them. They said the number of movie one-dollar bills passed is ‘significant’.

We have questions, too.

We wonder where they came from originally. What state? Hollywood?

What movie did they come from?

Maybe they’re from Peyton Place and Lana Turner touched them. Filmed in Camden in 1957. Teasing. Not that old.

What stars are in the movie and did they actually handle these bills in any scenes?

How about Paul Newman, Kevin Costner or Robin Wright in Message in a Bottle?

Or Charlize Theron in The Cider House Rules?

Scorsese’s Shutter Island?

Don’t tell me they are from the greatest movie of all time Shawshank Redemption. The scene when Red gets out of prison goes to Buxton and finds the tree Andy told him about and digs for the money that he uses to fund his way to hook up with Andy in Mexico.  You remember the town. Zihuatanejo.

If Morgan Freeman handles those ‘Bucksport Bucks’ (Fast Forward to 3:50) I want one as a souvenir.

Obviously, since they are not legal tender, one can be in big trouble for trying to use them. But is it illegal to own the bills if you were to just carry them around in your wallet and show people for fun? Or maybe with the right serial numbers you could use the bill to win at liars poker.

Don’t want to do anything illegal, and I hope Bucksport Police gets its man. Or woman. But is it wrong to want to have one of those bills to keep?

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