Moose are on the loose in Maine cities this week, with three caught on video roaming the streets in two different communities.

Wasn't One Seen in the Southern Part of the State?

In one case, a moose wandered into Auburn and found itself stuck inside Chapman House park, which is enclosed with fencing. Auburn Police Officers responded and shot this video of the animal wandering in the park.

The Moose finally jumped the fence and headed toward Minot Avenue. Subsequent videos, posted in the comments section of this post, show the moose making their way safely to a wooded area.

Aroostook County Must Have Been the Second Location, Right?

Then there were two moose who got lost in Houlton. I don't think running down the streets of town was their goal, but that's where they ended up. No word on whether they found their way back to the woods but, given that it's Aroostook County, I'm guessing they didn't have a tough time locating a nearby forest. Melissa Tidd captured this video of the pair and posted it on Facebook on Monday.

These videos serve as a good reminder to be watching for moose and deer when traveling in Maine, even if you're in an urban area.

What Should I Do If I See a Moose?

If you see moose in-town like this or anywhere, for that matter, do what these folks did. Keep your distance and pull out your phone to get some video. And you should probably call police and/or a game warden so they can be alerted to potential traffic problems caused by the animals and help it to find its way back home. Never, ever approach a moose with the intention of helping them. It won't end well for you. More information on how to prevent attracting animals to your yard and how to deal with them once they arrive can be found on the website for the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

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