A Monmouth Police Sergeant is being credited with saving the life of a woman who was found crawling on her hands and knees in the snow.

Late Sunday night Sergeant Dana Wessling was told of a woman who's family had reported her missing. It was a very cold, snowy night, and Wessling knew that they had to find her soon, or she could get hurt. He told WMTW-TV that he was driving around when he noticed tracks in the snow along a back road, at the edge of town. It's not unusual to see deer tracks but, given the situation, he decided that he and the officer-in-training, who was riding with him, should check it out.

They backed up to look at the tracks more closely, and swept the area with a flashlight. That's when Wessling saw someone crawling on their hands and knees about 25 yards from the road, heading toward the woods. He went to the woman and found that she was having a mental health crisis, was several miles from home, and was showing signs of hypothermia.

The woman's family was notified and they took her to the hospital. There's no word on her current condition, but it could have ended very differently if not for the dedication of Sergeant Wessling.

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