Oh that dreaded alarm. Too early, especially on a Monday. Who doesn’t know that feeling.

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We all love the weekend, right. For me one of the highlights is going for walks. Love to be out in the fresh air, and getting a little much needed exercise.  The dog sure loves it too. And that’s a bonus.  It’s a great time to casually chat with one’s spouse and forget about any stressful stuff going on and just enjoy the moment.

Yesterday the subject of work came up, of course, and I was saying that the hardest day for me to get up was Monday, because the hardest night to get to bed on time is Sunday.  The weekend mostly is a later bed time, so on Sunday it is sometimes a difficult transition back to going to bed so early, due to my need to get up so early for work.  But also, for who knows what reason, sometimes Tuesdays are the toughest day to get up and get going.

Up at five o'clock
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Often I think of people saying they get up early and by that they mean 6 O’clock.  Oh what I’d give to be able to sleep until 6 a.m. on a weekday. By then, I’ve already been at work for 2 hours.

Anybody disagree that the best morning to get up for work is Friday. The feeling of just getting through one more day, until it’s the weekend and it’s freedom from alarm clocks.

When is our next 3 day weekend anyway.

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