A girl who disappeared after getting upset with her Mom was found in a tree by Warden K9 Koda, who charmed her back to safety.

Why Did the Girl Go Missing?

I've always said dogs can solve anything and this story proves it. Have an angry girl up a tree? Show her a cute dog and the problem is solved. It all started when the girl got into an argument with her Mom about not wanting to go to school. When the girl walked out the door, her mother thought she had gone to the car. But when Mom headed outside, there was no sign of the child anywhere.

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Who Was Involved in the Search?

Friends and family started looking for her, but they couldn't find her either. That's when the mother called the Damariscotta Police Department, a little after 9:00 in the morning. They called for reinforcements from the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office, who brought along their K9, but they still couldn't find her.

Then the Maine Warden Service got involved just before 11:30, along with a Maine State Police pilot who began searching the area with a plane. A drone from the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office was also used in the search for the lost 11-year-old girl.

How Did K9 Koda Get the Girl Out of the Tree?

It was about an hour later, at 12:25, when Game Warden Jake Voter and his K9 Koda started looking in the woods to the right side of the family's house. About 200 feet from Voter's truck, Koda started circling a pine tree and wouldn't leave. Voter didn't see anything at first, but then he spotted the girl on the backside of the tree, about 20 feet from the ground. She immediately called down and asked for the dog's name. Voter told her it was Koda and asked her if she needed help. But she was already climbing down out of the tree. When the girl reached the ground, she picked up Koda's ball and threw it for her. Then Koda, Voter, and the girl walked out of the woods and found her family.

Good dog, Koda!

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