Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder.

The pandemic has taught us that absence makes the heart grow fonder, for certain. Doesn’t everybody miss casual hugs from those that are not immediate family. Or just sitting across a table at the coffee shop from each other, having a chat. Isn’t that where most of the world’s problems get solved?

And someone is always surveying something, even as you read this, someone is asking somebody else their opinion about everything.

Survey says Mainers reveal they have missed bars more than gyms during the year long pandemic. The survey was done by American Addiction Centers, and it is here.  Maybe time for a recount the spread was so close. 51% missed going to the bar. 49% missed the gym. Most are back to some kind of normal, so the numbers are probably old by now.

Even a small amount of exercise helps get rid of those feelings of stress and anxiety. Here’s hoping that more people didn’t turn to drinking in an effort to calm those feeling. Not sure though because the survey also says most people remember the name of their bartender. How many people space on the name of a neighbor, or a service person, yet never forget the name ‘Sam’.

Here’s to the hope that sooner rather than later, both gyms and bars are back to pre-pandemic operations, and both the gym rats and the bar flies get to return to their desired building that gives them so much pleasure.

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