When Q106.5 asked for listeners to go into their cell phones and pick a random photo and submit it, we received hundreds of photos. Kids, Halloween, Animals, Scenic pics.

All kinds of contributions, and all levels of quality.

One of the photos stuck caught my attention enough that I sent a message to the person who submitted the photo.

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Meet Scott Norsworthy.

Let’s play Getting to know you with Scott with Q106.5 questions.

How old were you when you got your first camera?

“My first camera, SX70 Land camera at age 10. Instant pictures were in their infancy then”


What inspired your love of photography?

”I lived in Victoria, British Columbia which is an island off the mainland in Canada. Huge redwood trees. Clear running streams full of spawning salmon. Eagles flying overhead”

What camera do you use now?

“A relatively inexpensive Fuji camera I bought in 2006. But it’s now my back up to my cellphone”



How do you get these spectacular shots with a cellphone camera

“The quality of my pictures are results of being there when the opportunity strikes. I use the multiple shot feature on my cellphone to get that perfect shot X3. Being able to see what you managed to capture is almost like opening a Christmas gift”


How often do you get to take pictures?

“Being retired, I have plenty of time to devote to random shots around our great state. Back roads – Nowhere land. Prime opportunity to see what Mother Nature has to offer. Get out and take a ride, and go slowly”


Final words Scott

“Have your camera ready at all times”

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