Louie is quite the character. You may have heard him in the Home Roofing Solutions commercials on Q106.5. And call me a borrower of ideas if you will, but this month I am sitting down with veterans, and getting them to tell me some things about their lives.

The first question I asked Louie was What was your thought process when you decided to enlist, and what made you follow through.  His immediate response was “The Judge”.  Of course, I laughed.

But Louie admitted that as a young guy he got himself into trouble and the judge warned him that he was going down the wrong road, and it would lead to trouble. Louie had buddies end up going to prison and he did some soul searching and decided to enlist.

His first day of boot camp was memorable. He met his wife. Seriously. As if being assigned to Camp Pendleton in San Diego, California wasn’t special enough, on day one he noticed a woman that he wanted to get to know. Six months later they eloped and were married in Las Vegas.

Louie enlisted in 1980 and was deployed to work in telecommunications all around the world, including being in the Gulf War in 1990.

After 20 years, Louie retired from service and went into the telecommunications industry as a civilian. He did work in Afghanistan for the company he was employed by after his military service.

Louie and his wife live in Hermon, and if you get the chance to meet him, he is one of those instantly likable guys.

Louie, thanks for sharing your story with me, and therefore all of us, and thank you for your service.

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