Lawmakers have made it possible for changes in the medical marijuana law to go forward, including increasing the number of eligible illnesses.

Governor Paul LePage had vetoed the new bill, but the AP reports lawmakers overrode the veto with near-unanimous support. The law eliminates the list of medical conditions that a patient would need to be eligible for medical marijuana. This means that medical professionals will be able to recommend medical marijuana for any patient they think would benefit from it.

In addition, it increases the amount of the drug patients and caregivers can have on-hand. Previously, they were only allowed to possess 2.5 ounces but, under the new law, will now be able to have eight pounds at a time. It's good news for providers, as medical marijuana dispensaries will no longer have to operate as nonprofits, under the new law, and it allows for the establishment of a medical marijuana research grant program and open six new dispensaries.

Local municipalities will have the right to vote on whether or not to allow the storefronts into their communities. The law becomes effective 90 days after the Legislature's special session ends.

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