I'm not 100% sure what you call those things, but you've seen them all over the roads. They are those vehicles, that look like a reverse-tricycle. They have two wheels in the front, and one in the back, and they drive more like a car than a motorcycle. and because of this, Maine is relaxing some of the requirements to operate one.

The biggest new change, is that you will no longer need a motorcycle license to drive one. You will obviously need a regular driver's license, but no longer will you need an additional cycle one. According to WABI-TV5, autocycles as they are actually called, operate more as a car, so the state didn't seem interested in making folks have to have both.

Retailers are super excited, because lots of folks who might have been interested in getting one, avoided it because of the cycle license requirement. But with the handcuffs of law off that one, retailers hope it will attract a whole new group of customers.

So here's your chance to feel the wind whipping through your hair, and getting bugs in your teeth. Just like real riders!

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