Read on, but if you know the Tim McGraw song "7500 OBO," it might come to mind. If you don't know the song, here ya go.

Now you’re ready to answer the question. How far would you go to buy a used vehicle?

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Survey says we are desperate enough that we would drive to Herkimer, New York to purchase a used car. I know where it is, thanks to my buddy. Shout out to JayBird.


That’s a hike. It's 457 miles or 7 and a half hours in the car from Bangor.

Always up for a road trip, but maybe not that distance when the only purpose is to purchase a car.

We all know auto prices are up and inventory is down. the price of used vehicles has skyrocketed, marking the largest 12-month increase for cars in the history of the consumer price index.

So maybe we do have to widen our scope of where we are willing to look for a purchase. But the snacks better be top-notch, A-1 for that kind of a trip

Quantrell Subaru is a Lexington, Kentucky-based new and used car dealer, and they commissioned a survey to find out just how far buyers would be prepared to travel to buy a used car.

They also provided some useful information any of us should know when buying a used auto.

  • Have your finances ready in advance.
  • Be flexible with car brands and colors.
  • Always try to negotiate a better price.
  • Speak to someone you know, that knows cars about things to know.  Like what to look for with the car and how to figure out a price.

Can imagine you have to drive 900 miles round trip to find a suitable vehicle.

But it you do, that must be some special car and deal. Say hi to Herkimer.

Are you sure you can’t do as well a little closer to home?
How much does the gas cost to get there and back?

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