Singing Whitesnake is not an easy task.

Heck, David Coverdale, the actual singer of the band can't even really hit the notes anymore. I've heard recent versions of Whitesnake playing this very song, "Here I Go Again," and Mr. Coverdale doesn't have the chops he used to, But come on, he's in his 70's at this point! And really, for his age, he still kills it.

Well, not to be outdone, Maine State Trooper Taylor Dube, was caught on video at a Glenburn Little League game, showing off his big time vocal prowess. The game was also a benefit to raise money for Trooper Ben Campbell, who was tragically killed in the line of duty. Most troopers might just grab a glove, and play some catch with the kids. But Trooper Dube decided he'd come out and show them how to ROCK!

Check it out!

I think I personally have watched this about twenty times in the last hour.

Sure, it's a bit self-deprecating, but that might be what I love the most. Just a man who's out there showing kids it's cool to make a little fun of yourself, and that it's double-okay to rock out whenever possible. And again.... HE KILLS IT!!!

All I can say, is that I will likely be trying to get Trooper Dube in my next band!

Oh, and just to show the kind of mega-talent that singing like this requires, and that Trooper Dube makes look easy, here's the original version. You've already killed a bunch of your work day... So keep it up!


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