Maine Attorney General Aaron Frey is warning seniors of scam callers who are posing as representatives for Medicare.

Frey says residents have reported calls from someone claiming to be from Medicare, who then asks for their Social Security numbers, the name of their financial institution, and their final routing and account numbers. Sometimes, the caller isn't even that sneaky, but rather just asks for the money directly.

The AG reminds residents to never provide personal and financial information in response to unsolicited requests. "The new distribution of Medicare cards is seen as an opportunity for scammers to scare Maine seniors into giving out personal information," Frey said in a media release.

Anyone who does give the information out is advised to review their Medicare statements carefully over the next year, and contact 1-800-MEDICARE immediately if anything questionable appears on their statements. Consumers should also notify their financial institution if they believe their account information has been compromised. Folks who think they have experienced a Medicare scam is urged to contact the Attorney General's Consumer Protection Hotline at (207) 626-8849. Find more information on the Maine Attorney General's website.

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