RSU 21's School Board Chairperson has resigned after the community's reaction to a controversial comment on Facebook.

The Controversial Comment Was in Response to Someone Else's Facebook Post

Erin Nadeau is facing backlash after a questionable comment she made about a school budget meeting held on Monday that some felt compared community members to the KKK. Several of the students, parents, and staff members wore red to show solidarity, which was allegedly at the suggestion of some teachers.

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A woman posted something on Facebook about the meeting. WGME-TV reports Board Chair Erin Nadeau commented on the post:

And the cowards in the back row cheering like they were at a rally. Except instead of sheets, they wore red.

After a shocked response from community members, Nadeau decided to step down.

Nadeau Acknowledges That Her Comments Were Not in Keeping With School Policy

Superintendent Terri Cooper posted a letter about the incident on the RSU 21 website. Dr. Cooper says Mrs. Nadeau mentioned in her resignation letter that her comments 'do not align with the views or sentiments of the RSU 21 Administration or the school board.'

RSU 21's Superintendent of Schools Recognizes That People Are Upset

Dr. Cooper understands that emotions are running high in the community and that there will be discussions about the incident.

However, it is crucial that we maintain a respectful and civil dialogue throughout these discussions. Our school district thrives when we work collaboratively, but we all suffer when actions are taken that create division among us.

There's no word on who will be replacing Nadeau as Board Chair.

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