A Maine Police Officer wasn't hurt when a drunk driver hit his cruiser as they passed a traffic stop.

What Happened?

It was just before midnight Saturday when the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office was called to the area of 611 Lewiston Road in New Gloucester for a two vehicle collision involving one of their cruisers. When they arrived, officials learned that Deputy Josiah Cushman had been conducting a traffic stop in response to an unrelated complaint that had been called into the Cumberland County Regional Communications Center when his vehicle was hit.

Was Anyone Hurt?

Deputy Cushman had parked his fully marked Ford Explorer on the shoulder of the northbound lane of Lewiston Road and was outside of his cruiser, speaking with the operator of the uninvolved vehicle, when a third vehicle traveling northbound collided with the rear driver's corner of the cruiser. Both vehicles sustained disabling damage in the crash. Amazingly, neither Clare nor Deputy Cushman were injured in the incident.

Who Was Charged For the Crash?

The driver was later identified as Christopher Clare, 48, of New Gloucester who officials say was driving home after leaving a local bar when his Toyota Corolla struck the cruiser. He was arrested for operating under the influence when he was found to have a breath alcohol content of nearly three times the legal limit.

Cumberland County officials said in a post on the department's Facebook page that this crash is a good reminder of the need for Maine's Move Over Law, and as a reminder of the dangers emergency services personnel face while conducting their duties on the roads and highways.

They encourage residents to drink responsibly, plan ahead, and designate a sober driver.

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