This Maine Mom has some fun and affordable ideas about how to make your Mom's special day even more memorable.

Don't Do the Typical Dash to the Store to Buy a Card Routine

What do you typically get your Mom for Mother's Day? Let me guess. You rush to the grocery store or Walmart on Saturday or Sunday and pick a card from the dregs of what's left after the people who planned ahead already got the best of the lot. Maybe grab a bouquet of flowers and call it good. Don't get me wrong. That's not a bad thing. I mean, she's your Mom and will appreciate that you thought of her at all. Even a phone call from an adult child is happily anticipated on Mother's Day.

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Make This Mother's Day As Special and Unique As Your Mom

But wouldn't it be great to give her something more personal? This is the woman that gave birth to you. The person who was your biggest cheerleader all through your life. She wiped your dripping nose in the winter and always had fresh beach towels in the summer to dry you off after a swim. Mom did the shopping, cooked your meals, and tucked you in at night. So it's not too much to ask to spend a little time coming up with something that she'll really appreciate for Mother's Day.

These Suggestions Are Fun, Affordable, and Guaranteed to Make Mom Smile

Lucky for you, I'm a Mom and so I have some experience with what kinds of things mothers would find extra special. Here are five suggestions that won't break the bank but will send Mom a message that you appreciate all her years of love and care.

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Your Mom's been making life special for you all your life, so here are five suggestions on how to make her special day extra-memorable.

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