A Maine woman and her two sons were injured in an ATV crash as they were headed to the bus stop.

What Happened?

Mark Latti, with the Maine Warden Service, says the crash happened a little before 7:00 Monday morning on the Dingle Hill Road in Byron. Elizabeth Wallace, 42, of Byron, was driving her two sons, ages 12 and 13, to the bus stop on a 2003 Arctic Cat ATV when the crash happened.

Officials say that during the trip down the steep, paved portion of the road, the ATV veered off to the right and ended up in a ditch. The machine flipped over and tossed the 12-year-old to the side of the road. Wallace and her 13-year-old son were trapped under the ATV. Latti says no one was wearing a helmet.

How Did They Get the Help They Needed?

The 12-year-old was unable to free his family so he went down the road, knocking on doors, trying to find someone who could help. Fortunately, he came across three men from Massachusetts who were renting a cabin. When they heard about what had happened, they got on their ATVs and went to help the injured mother and son.

When the group arrived at the crash scene, they found that the 13-year-old had been able to free himself from under the ATV and had crawled up to the road. The three men removed the ATV from Wallace and waited with her until emergency personnel arrived.

Were They Badly Injured?

Wallace was transported by ambulance to Central Maine Medical Center with injuries to her pelvis, back, and head. The boys were also taken to the hospital. One had a possible back injury while the other suffered a possible head injury.

This crash remains under investigation.

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