A Maine man is lucky the police chief he went screaming by in his car was in a good mood.

What's an 'Oh Sh*t' Moment?

Skowhegan Police Chief David Bucknam posts some pretty interesting and often funny stories on the department's Facebook page, so I like to stop by once in a while to see what's up. I did just that today and had to laugh at a post from the end of the last month that told the story of a man who had what my Dad would call an 'Oh sh*t' moment.

Where Was This?

Bucknam says this incident busted that old saying "There's never a cop around when you need one." I'm sure this driver wishes it still stood true. The Chief was in his vehicle, having a typical day when the unexpected happened.

I was on the Middle Road, minding my own business, when I caught a glimpse of movement in my side mirror and a little black car screamed by me taking, not only my paint but the vehicle in front and back of me with it.

Although I'm sure the paint was still intact on all three vehicles, the driver was driving way too fast. So fast that he didn't even notice those pretty blue lights on Bucknam's cruiser. But I'm sure when he saw them, he said...well....you know.

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Did the Driver Get Arrested?

The man was not only speeding, but he also had no insurance, the registration had expired nearly a year ago, and there was no inspection sticker on the vehicle. But once he got pulled over, he showed Chief Bucknam the proper respect and took responsibility for his actions, which was the smart way to handle it. He didn't get the book thrown at him, but did have his vehicle towed and got a summons to court.

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