The man who drove the getaway car for a home invasion that left one of his co-conspirators dead is going to prison.

Who Was Sentenced?

John Raymond, 36, of Stratton received his sentence in a Bangor courtroom on Monday. He will spend 4 years in prison for his role in a violent home invasion in Rangeley. He will serve three years of supervised release once he his sentence is completed.

What Was the Crime?

The charges stem from an incident in July 2016 Raymond helped to plan and carry out that involved stealing drugs from a Rangeley residence. On July 28th of that year, Raymond bought drugs from the owner of the home, in order to confirm that controlled substances were present in the location.

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Later that same evening, he drove two of the co-conspirators to the residence. Raymond stayed in the car while the other two men made their way inside. During the home invasion, the target of the robbery shot and killed one of Raymond's co-conspirators. When Raymond heard the commotion coming from inside the residence, he took off. He was stopped by police officers sometime later as he was driving another co-conspirator to a bus station.

Were the Co-Conspirators Caught?

The three other people involved in this deadly home invasion have also been in court.

  • Andre Muller, aka 'Dre Muller,' 53, of New York
  • Robert Holland, aka 'Kurt Holland,' 44, of New York

Both men were convicted in a jury trial in November 2023 and are awaiting sentencing.

  • Hector Munoz, 56, of Florida

Munoz pleaded guilty and was sentenced on January 12th, 2024 to 54 months in prison.

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