A Maine man is facing multiple charges after fleeing from police and then destroying the back of the police cruiser he was riding in.

Who Is the Suspect?

Clinton Police were looking for Matthew Raymond, 33, of Clinton in connection to a theft at a local business. On Monday, police and a Sheriff's K-9 unit were traveling to Raymond's home on Battle Ridge Road when Officer Chouinard passed a Honda CRV and noticed Raymond in the front passenger seat, pulling his hood up and ducking down.

How Was the Cruiser Damaged?

Officer Chouinard and Deputy Boudreau turned their vehicle around and followed the CRV but, as they turned onto Ella Gerald Road in Canaan, they noticed the vehicle sitting on the side of the road containing only the driver. The man told police that Raymond had jumped out and ran off. Deputy Boudreau and K-9 Vixen tracked Raymond into the woods where they found him hiding behind some bushes.

As he was taken into custody, Raymond allegedly resisted arrest and had to be carried to a cruiser. On the way to jail, officials say he was acting erratically, kicking doors and causing extensive damage to a Clinton Police vehicle that was rendered out of service.

What Charges Does He Face?

Raymond is now charged with:

  • Violating conditions of release
  • Theft by unauthorized taking or transfer
  • Refusing to submit to arrest or detention
  • Aggravated criminal mischief

He was taken to the Kennebec County Jail after being medically checked out at Maine General in Augusta. He's being held without bail pending his next court appearance.

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