A Maine man who fatally shot his parents and their friends before firing on cars traveling on I-295 received his sentence today.

The Murders Happened in 2023 in Bowdoin, Maine

Joseph Eaton took a plea deal in relation to the bizarre series of events that began with the fatal shootings of Eaton's parents, 62-year-old Cynthia Eaton and 66-year-old David Eaton, as well as their friends, 72-year-old Robert Eger and 62-year-old Patti Eger. The Egers owned the Bowdoin home where they were all staying.

In Addition to the Murders, 3 People Were Hurt When Eaton Shot At Their Car

While the Police were processing the scene in Bowdoin, they received a report of a person who was firing at cars on I-295 in Yarmouth, some 25 miles south of the murder scene. Three people traveling in the same car were injured in the incident, 51-year-old Sean Halsey of Bowdoinham, and his two adult children, 29-year-old Justin and 25-year-old Paige Halsey. The Halseys all survived their injuries.

While Eaton has never really explained a motive for the attacks, a note was found at the shooting scene that referred to someone 'being freed of pain' and that the writer of the note wanted a new life. He told investigators that he fired at vehicles on the highway because he believed they were with the police.

Eaton Received the Maximum Sentence For His Crimes

Eaton took a plea deal that included four counts of knowing or indifferent murder and three counts of aggravated attempted murder. WCSH-TV reports that he received a sentence of life in prison on Monday.

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