A new report says Maine is the most pet-friendly state in the country, with only a couple of black marks against it.

This doesn't come as a surprise to local pet lovers like me, who recognize that our animals are pretty spoiled. I mean, Maine has endless possibilities for exploration, with woods to run through, squirrels to chase, and an endless supply of birds for cats to watch from windows. (I'm so proud of Gifford and Lola that I used their pictures for this post!)

And that factors into the Safewise Security report. Maine has 76 dog-friendly beaches, nearly 1,000 pet-friendly hotels, and plenty of hiking trails and dog parks. In addition, there are no breed restrictions in the state, so that's good news for local dog owners, and everyone is welcome to bring their dogs to the state for vacation. And what a great time they'll have when they're here!

The only black marks on the state's pet report included the relatively large number of kill shelters, where dogs are euthanized due to overcrowding. In addition, the report says there are no registered dog breeders in Maine, which calls into question (in their eyes) whether breeders are doing so responsibly.

Maine was followed on the list by Virginia, Arizona, Oklahoma, and Colorado, to round out the top five. See the complete list on the Safewise Security company's blog site.

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