Sometimes, when we think about news in Maine, it's tempting in your mind, to run it through the big city filter. You may ask yourself, "why is this news?" occasionally, even. And honestly, when I read this headline on the Facebook page of the Maine Forest Rangers, I kind of asked myself the same question. Actually, I even asked a co-worker, "What does anyone want with a bunch of evergreen boughs?"

But as I read through, there were all sorts of crimes committed. Granted, no over-the-top insanity taking place. But think about it....we're talking about trespassing, theft, unlawful cutting of evergreen boughs, and unlawful cutting of trees, according to reports from the Forest Rangers. And, the last two charges, which seem the most worthy of a chuckle are actually pretty serious.

Cutting trees unlawfully is a civil charge, but the unlawful cutting of evergreen boughs is a Class E charge! And honestly...I bet to the person/people who committed this crime, probably thought they were going to get away with it no problem, figuring it was a "victimless" crime. Guess again, buckos!!!

The Forest Rangers will take the boughs they confiscated, and donate them to a reputable wreath company. That company will then produce a receipt of some kind, and hang onto it while the case is in court. If the party is found guilty of theft, then the landowner can redeem the slip for payment. If the party is not guilty, then they will be given the slip for the boughs. This way, the boughs aren't just sitting somewhere rotting away, instead of being put to good use.

At any rate, nice job by our Forest Rangers for keeping crime out of our forests! And soon enough, we'll be seeing all the wreaths made from evergreen boughs just like those!

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