The other day, a friend re-posted something on Facebook that caught my eye. And as I read on, I was literally jaw-dropped the entire time. Some things you read are just too nuts to fully comprehend. Here's the deal...

Frank Miliano, a fisherman from Pleasant Point, was out on the water between Christmas and New Years, dragging for urchins. They were on the last haul of the day, and as the catch was being separated, Miliano came across his brother's old insurance ID card. The thing is, his brother had died fishing 11 years before!

Naturally, Miliano couldn't believe what he was holding in his hands. As one could imagine, he told News Center Maine that he felt like he'd just won the lottery. Even his brother's signature was still visible on the back of the card. He mentioned the card was from Canada, because that's where his brother was raised, and he died while visiting Maine.

Here's the thing... If you look through the comments, there were certainly scores of people accusing Miliano of making it up, and clamoring for fame. But really, what fame? A viral post on Facebook? Getting on the news for a minute? There's no incentive here to lie about this, in my humble opinion.

And it's not really for us to judge. Let's give the benefit of the doubt here... imagine suffering the loss of a loved one so many years before, and finding a small piece of them so randomly 11 years later. Would you not feel touched by forces bigger than yourself? Wouldn't you want to share that story with the world? I know I would.

I think every now and then in life, miracles really do happen. Sometimes they're small, everyday miracles. And sometimes it's something like this, that could literally shake you to the foundations of everything you believe in. And I choose to believe this 100 percent.

You know why? Because I've got loved ones that have passed, and I'd like to believe with all my heart that they might be looking over me. And even if for some reason it turned out this whole thing wasn't true, it won't make me stop believing in miracles. Because right now, it feels good to believe in something so awesome.

This photo shows where Doyle went into the water (circle in green), and where Miliano found the ID card (circle in red):

Frank Miliano via Facebook
Frank Miliano via Facebook
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