A comment in a store turned into a beautiful gift to a group of firefighters in the town of Turner.

Why Were Firefighters at the Store?

It started as a normal day for the Turner Fire Department. They were probably working around the fire station when they realized they needed a gas can. Some firefighters went to the nearby Northland True Value, just two minutes down the road from the station, to pick one up.

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So What Was the Gift?

According to a post on the department's Facebook page, they noticed this beautiful grill sitting by the door. One of the firefighters said, "Man, we should have this for the station." Which, I'm sure, is why it was sitting by the door so every grill enthusiast walking in would see it and say the same thing. But, in this case, an unknown lady overheard the firefighter's comment and quickly said, "Yes, you should." The firefighters continued their errands and picked up their new gas can before returning to the station. I'm sure they never gave it another thought.

Until, a box van pulled up and unloaded that same grill, donated by the mysterious lady who overheard the firefighters' conversation. At the last report, the firefighters still didn't know the lady's name but said, on their Facebook post, that they were 'very grateful for this awesome surprise and donation to Turner Fire Rescue.' They want to make sure she knows that it will be put to good use this summer.

What If You Want to Do Something Nice But Can't Afford a Grill?

Wednesday is National Good Samaritan Day and, while most of us can't buy a fire department a grill, it's a good week to remember others. Do something simple, like letting someone get in front of you in line or maybe buying them a cup of coffee, to make someone's day a little better.

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