The Maine Department of Transportation asked today that Mainers refrain from moving traffic cones and barriers, while power restoration efforts continue.

It's frustrating for many who either still don't have power or find their daily commutes interrupted by cones and barriers. But the Maine DOT sent out an alert today, asking that residents obey the restrictions and be patient for a little while longer.

DOT officials are working to clear debris from state roads and railroads, while power crews continue to work restoring power. And the two efforts often cross paths, as many of those downed trees and brush are entangled in power lines. DOT crews can't clear the brush off power lines from a roadway until CMP or Emera Maine has determined that the line and area are safe. Even if the line is disconnected from the pole, it may be fed from residential generators or other sources.

During the week, there have been many instances of residents moving traffic cones and barriers to better access a roadway. Moving the safety items could be dangerous to you, if you come in contact with the electrical current, or to other drivers who may not be alerted to the hazard. In addition, driving over downed lines is also perilous.

Maine DOT officials remind residents that no line is ever safe to touch, and is also never safe to drive over.

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