The Maine CDC is warning residents of fake flyers being circulated that offer inaccurate vaccination side effects.

On the website for the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention, officials say the flyer claims to outline a list of 'known vaccine side effects' without providing any references or citing any sources. In fact, at the bottom of the flyer is a web address ',' which doesn't exist.

The flyers have been circulating through big box stores, especially in Southern Maine. CDC officials want to assure residents that the handouts did not come from the Maine CDC, and the information printed on them is not an official state-issued list. The official list can be found on the Maine CDC website, as well as information pertaining to Maine's Immunization Program.

"Misleading flyers such as they are concerning," Maine CDC Director Bruce Bates said in a media release, "especially when that information pertains to something as important to public health as vaccines."

Bates says immunizing yourself and your children will help protect all of you and your community from contracting vaccine-preventable diseases.

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