Although we don’t have winter weather in the Bangor area yet, actual winter is coming soon. And who would bet against winter weather being on the way as well?

This is the time of the year to make sure our vehicles are ready for what's on the horizon.

Some put on winter tires, some studded tires. Top up the anti-freeze and get ready for the season.

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It is a good idea to have a dealership or a car repair shop look over your auto and make sure it is safe for winter.

And soon, if not already we will hear mechanics reminding us to have the vehicle looked at, and to drive safely in the upcoming weather.

Photo by Timothy Abraham on Unsplash
Photo by Timothy Abraham on Unsplash

Repairs are no fun if they are caused because your auto didn’t have the correct tires or you were driving too fast for the conditions.

Not that repairs are ever fun.

But CarMD released a report recently that Maine has the least expensive car repair costs in the country.

They determined that the average cost of a “check engine” light issue was $393. The highest cost for parts and labor was $418 in Connecticut and the least costly was $349 in Maine.

Three cheers for us.

And when it comes to finding ‘a guy’, how do you determine who to go with?

Just because he’s a nice guy, doesn’t mean he is a good mechanic. And because we trust them, is that an opportunity for them to ‘ring up the bill?’

Other questions to ask?

If I need a new battery, why didn’t it beep like my smoke alarm?

If a belt broke, does that mean the engine’s getting fat?

Happy motoring this winter. Be safe.

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