Governor Janet Mills has set up a website that offers links to secure donation sights for victims and their families, as well as emotional support resources for all.

Why Was the Website Created?

We don't need to talk about what happened in Lewiston. For the last several days, the horror of that day has surrounded us, as the person responsible remained at large. But the manhunt is done and the perpetrator is no longer a threat. Now, it's time to heal and to help those affected by the tragedy recover.

Governor Janet Mills has launched a website 'Healing Together,' which offers a variety of services.

What's Available on the Site?

First, the website will identify places accepting financial donations to support victims, families, first responders, and responding organizations in the wake of the Lewiston mass shootings. It can be daunting trying to find valid resources that are actually benefiting those in need, so this website provides links to donation sites you can trust.

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Second, Healing Together can also provide support to Maine residents by identifying mental health resources from the Maine Department of Health and Human Services. Even if you were not directly impacted by the violence in Lewiston, you may benefit from talking to someone about what you're feeling.

Where Do We Find the Website?

Governor Mils says it's the 'hallmark of Maine people' to come together in times of strife.

To that end, I know many people right now are asking 'How can I help?' I encourage Maine people to use and share our 'Healing Together' website as a resource to support the families of the victims and the greater Lewiston community as we begin the long and difficult process of healing.

The Governor has pledged the full weight of her Administration behind all efforts to seek justice for the victims and their families.

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