Two people were sent to the hospital after an armed brawl on Main Street in Lewiston.

When Did the Fight Break Out?

The incident happened on Sunday in the area near 177 Main Street. When Lewiston police officers arrived at the scene, they found a total of 10 young adults,  two of whom had been injured badly enough to be sent to the hospital.

What Sorts of Weapons Were Used in the Altercation?

Lieutenant Derrick St. Laurent told the Sun Journal that there were two groups of people who came to blows when a member of one group recognized his stolen bicycle among the other group that was gathered in the same area. A melee broke out, which police say included people wielding weapons, like pipes, a tire iron, and a baseball bat.

How Badly Were the Two People Hurt?

Two people from the street fight were treated at the hospital for what authorities said were non-life-threatening injuries. As of Sunday evening, the other eight people involved in the fight had not been taken into custody.

Anyone with information about this incident should contact the Lewiston Police Department.

We'll update this story as more details become available. 

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