Representative Jim Handy will not pursue a proposal he'd introduced that would require dogs be tethered or harnessed when riding in vehicles.

Handy has withdrawn the proposal that also would have prohibited dog owners from allowing their animals to hang their heads out the windows of moving vehicles. He told WABI-TV that the concerned constituent who had asked him to make the proposal has now decided against it. Handy has said that he can see both sides of the discussion.

Some people have shown support for the measure, stating that it's a safety issue for the dogs and the owners alike. Dogs can be thrown around during a car accident, but also pose a risky distraction to the driver if they're jumping around the vehicle or sitting on the driver's lap. But others felt it was unnecessary and just another way that the government is trying to dictate how residents live their lives.

We conducted a poll earlier this week, asking you what you think of the issue. Here's what our results looked like, as of Friday morning:

  • No, this is unnecessary - 78%
  • Yes, it makes sense - 7%
  • I wouldn't keep my dog's head out of windows - 5%
  • I like this, a seat belt law for dogs - 1%
  • Other - 6%

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