LEAP Inc., which lost its Farmington offices in a massive explosion, has been offered the use of the former Barclaycard facility, rent-free.

The organization, that provides services to people with disabilities, lost its newly renovated building in a massive explosion on Monday. Fire officials say there was a smell of propane just before the explosion that demolished the building, injuring several firefighters and a maintenance man. It's been devastating to the community, and has left the administrators at LEAP scrambling to find an alternate location to continue their important services.

Now, WABI-TV reports the owners of the building that once housed Barclaycard are offering the use of the facility to LEAP, Inc., rent free. Gil Reed and Mark Barry said they want to help the community in some way, and the Wilton building is sitting empty since Barclaycard closed its operation earlier this year. A lease is being drawn up that will operate on a month-to-month basis, with LEAP responsible for paying the utilities. It's a valuable temporary fix until the organization can find permanent housing.

LEAP, Inc. provides support and services to people with developmental, cognitive, and intellectual disabilities, helping them to become actively involved in the community.

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