One of Franklin County's largest employers, Barclay Card U.S., announced this week that it will close in March.

Wilton's Town Manager was notified on Tuesday that Barclaycard U.S. would be closing its call center on March 31st. That will leave 227 employees with a job. Barclaycard is the United States division of the UK-owned Barclay Bank. As of July, Barclaycard U.S. employed up to 500 employees at the Wilton center.

Governor Janet Mills released a statement about the closing on Tuesday, calling it 'deeply disappointing.'

"We will marshal the resources of the Department of Labor and other government agencies," Mills said, " to support the employees, their families, and the community, beginning by deploying a rapid response team to meet with the employees to provide reemployment services and help evaluate their health insurance and severance options."

Town officials plan to meet on Wednesday evening to discuss the best ways to help the employees, once they're laid off.


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