There are some things I'm just always slow on the draw about.

I am a classic procrastinator. If there's any way possible to put something off until the last minute, I will find a way to do it. That's why my wife takes care of the bills. I'm a mess when it comes to deadlines. I've always been more of an idea man, not a follow-through guy.

So as you can imagine, when it comes to things with my car, I slack on that stuff too. I'm terrible about keeping up with oil changes and air filters and stuff like that. But if I pulled up next to you at a traffic light right now, you'd hear me coming a mile away, because you'd hear the nauseating grind of my studded snow tires.

Those should've been gone about 4 weeks ago.

In Maine, we are supposed to have the studs off by May 1st. But I tell you, I'm not remotely the only one who's scraping their way through town right now. If I had to estimate, I hear a handful of cars every day that are still studded. Yes, I'm also one of them. So really, I'm making myself a target right now.

Here's the thing, the fine for having them isn't cheap. It's going to set you back up to $152. It only costs half that to have them swapped out at any of the places I've been too. And, it's terrible for your tires, according to my mechanic. At the end of the day, you and I are just wrecking our car, and risking big monetary losses. Ugh.

One of my cars was switched out today, the other on Saturday. So while it's relief to have it off my plate, I'm already starting to stress about getting them switched out in the fall again. I need a hobby...


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