L.L. Bean is trying to get Facebook ads taken down that claim to be a warehouse sale with prices that are too good to be true.

An online warehouse sale that offers $26 Bean Boots would tempt all of us. But company officials say it's a scam with overseas ties. The Facebook ads offer deep discounts on L.L. Bean's line of shoes and boots, including the amazingly-priced and very popular Bean boots. WGME-TV reports the ads use site addresses like llbeanonlinestore.shop and llbeanstore.club. But a company spokesperson says they're not affiliated with the Freeport-based company.

The ads are beautiful, with pictures of the interior of an L.L. Bean store, with racks and racks of beautiful boots. They promise things like $20 L.L. Bean stock and $70 in free shipping. But it's important to remember that old saying - if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. And, in this case, you're going to be barefoot when you hike to the phone to call the credit card company and cancel your cards.

Anyone who gives their credit card numbers through these websites is actually giving their information to a computer store in Singapore. Commenters under the ads say their orders don't appear to go through. While you won't be receiving the boots in the mail, the folks at that Singapore store will be walking away with your credit card information.

Company officials say they're working with federal authorities and Facebook to get the ads taken down. But, in the meantime, go to the actual L.L. Bean website to buy your Bean Boots and wicked good moccasins.

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