As I was cruising YouTube yesterday, I found the most hilarious commercial from the '60s for Camel cigarettes. According to the info section below the video, it was filmed on Mount Desert Island. It certainly looks like it from the scenery in the background. The guy just aimlessly on walkabout to the local 5 & 10 for his trusty pack 'o smokes. It seemed so cheesy, at first I wasn't even sure it was real. But it was.

Then ironically, not ten miuntes later as I was cruising Facebook, I noticed a couple friends had re-posted photos they'd seen from local convenience stores, that were reminding folks that the legal age to buy tobacco products is going from 18 to 21. And, this will also apply to e-ciagrettes and nicotine vaporizing devices.

In a post online last August from Maine Public, it was stated that the state Senate passed the bill 29-5, and the House 90-44 to override Governor LePage's veto, and pass the law. The governor would not sign the bill at the time, as he wouldn't support a law that prohibited legal adults from purchasing legal products.

But as of July 1, it's happening. There is a catch though. If your birthday falls before July 1, you will be grandfathered through, and will still be able to purchase tobacco. This may cause some disruption for store employees that will need to be more vigilant about they way they check ID's, but state government feels the risk is worth the reward.

I think we all have our own feelings about this issue, and a million points could be raised in support, and defense, of both sides. Many argue that if you can join the military at 18, you should be able to buy smokes. But that raises all sorts of questions about what young adults can, and can't do. And frankly, I'm glad I'm not the one that has to weigh those decisions and take the credit, or the blame.

Generally speaking, I've rarely met smokers my age, that still talk about how much they love to smoke. So I think there's usually always an end date. I hate to see Maine businesses inconvenienced and lose potential money, but I guess I don't mind seeing the potential for at least a few people not start. And once they're 21, it's up to them anyway. Until then.....would you still walk a mile for a no-filter Camel?

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