Calling all local cover bands!!!! The Penobscot Pour House in Bangor just announced that they are looking for bands to fight it out with their sticks and axes at their annual Battle of the Bands on March 23 & 24.

According to a Facebook post from local band Overdrive, who is hosting the event, it is not open to bands who regularly play the Pour House. The club uses this contest as a means of finding new local talent. There is a cash prize, as well as some sweet gigs over the rest of the year at the Pour House.

No need to show up with a bunch of your own gear for this event. There will be a back line provided to keep things moving along quickly. Drummers should bring their own sticks, and maybe pedals. Guitarists and bassists just need to bring their sharpest stringed battle weapons. Singers, for the love of god, please bring your own microphone. I mean, it is flu season after all.

If you want to get your band in on this, it seems best to reach out to the fellas in Overdrive or get in touch with the fine folks over at the Pour House. There is no deadline set yet, and the lineup of bands is still yet to be announced, but the end of March is getting closer all the time. So maybe you should brush up on those hot licks, or acrobatic stage moves, or stick twirling, or whatever your deal is. Just bring your A-game and get ready to show the crowd what you've got.


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