A group of people ice fishing in the Jackman area might have captured video of a rare -- some might say non-existent here in Maine -- large cat walking across the ice.

The video, although somewhat grainy, shows what appears to be a large cat -- possibly a mountain lion -- about 300 yards away near the shore. The video was shot on March 8.

Members of the group make note of the animal's long tail, something that would distinguish it from the more common lynx or bobcat.

State biologists are reviewing the video as well as photos of the tracks left behind by the animal, according to Maine Public Radio.

State and federal officials have long said the mountain lion -- or eastern cougar -- is no longer in Maine. In fact, there have been no confirmed sightings of a cougar in Maine since one was killed in 1938, when a trapper caught one near the Quebec border.

In 2018, federal officials officially declared the eastern cougar extinct.

Despite that designation, many people have come forward over the years to say they've seen cougars in remote areas of the state including Aroostook and Washington counties. Also in 2016, a woman two miles from the Maine border captured video of a suspected cougar near her home.

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